Learn Basic Industrial Electricity Without All The Math You Will Never Use


11 "Hands-On" Labs


 Length: One-Day


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What Our Students Are Saying


Great class. Outstanding hands-on training -

Chuck McCarty - James Madison University


This was the 3rd time I have been through a class like this...this was by far the best I have experienced -  

Steve McKay - Dell Computer


This was the best (and most interesting) training I've had here at Honeywell -

David Hughes - Honeywell Aerospace


Great class. Couldn't believe we could cover and learn as much as we did in the time we had -

Brent Ellis - UAW-GM Training


I recommend this course for people new to industrial electricity as well as a refresher for the experienced. Enjoyed it! - Alan Smith - BASF


About the Class


This one-day class presents basic industrial electricity using common sense and by taking basic circuit measurements.  We don't teach the theory behind how a voltmeter works; we teach you how to use it.

Everyone in industry should understand the basics such as power distribution, how a motor works, how to use a multimeter and basic circuit concepts.  We'll teach you all this and more.  Participants will take home our "Hands-On" text and lab manual that can be immediately used on the plant floor. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the class.

Course Objectives 

Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:

►Perform resistance measurements using an ohmmeter

►Perform AC/DC voltage measurements using a voltmeter

►Perform AC/DC current measurements using an ammeter

►Use and explain the operation of motor starters/contactors/relays

►Use a voltmeter to troubleshoot a control circuit

►Understand basic 3-phase power distribution

You will be able to immediately apply what you have learned on the plant floor.




Who Should Attend

This is a basic industrial electricity class designed for maintenance and engineering personnel, operators, supervisors and managers, with no formal background in this subject. If you want to learn basic industrial electricity in an easy relaxed atmosphere this is the class for you. No Math; but you will learn how to take AC/DC circuit measurements including: continuity, resistance, AC/DC voltage, and AC/DC current. Think you won't understand it? Relax. All we assume is that your are breathing and willing to learn. You will learn about, wire and test real components including motor starters and relays.


What You Will Take With You


Impact Training Services course manual - containing all the material covered in the class


Personalized Certificate of Completion


An understanding of basic industrial electricity and the ability to use a multimeter to test commonly used industrial components.


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