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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide  practical, working solutions to electrical/electronic problem areas of industry.  We represent no manufacturers and will not subject you to any sales pitch.  What we offer is quality technical training that works.  We leave the math out and get down to the brass tacks of how things work and more importantly what to do if things go bad.   


Try any of our courses and see why we have one of the highest repeat customer rates in the industry.


Instructor Qualifications


To be an instructor for Impact Training Services an individual must:


1. Hold a minimum of an  associates degree or higher in electronics


2. Have at least ten years experience directly relating to electrical/electronics control circuits, programmable logic controllers, and be well versed in OSHA and NFPA standards relating to electrical safety in the workplace


3. Satisfactorily complete our internal instructor-training program


4. Complete an on-the-job apprenticeship program working closely another mentor-instructor; which includes live class-room teaching under his/her direct supervision.


5. Maintain a 4.2 out of 5 grade on overall customer (student) evaluation/approval ratings


6. Complete our yearly train-the-trainer peer-based course


7. Stay abreast of the areas in which they teach; including independent study and continuing education





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Impact is headquartered in Bloomfield, KY and provides training services across the United States.