Slow Speed Compelling Circuit



Learn To Quickly And Effectively Troubleshoot Electrical Control Circuits


Eight "Hands-On" Labs


Length: One-Day


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What Our Students Are Saying


This is the first seminar that I did not fall asleep in or walk out before lunch!!! 15 years of going to bad seminars, UNTIL NOW!!! -

Bill Collins - City of Pompano Beach


I learned more in 1 day than I have in a year. Never have I been exposed to so much -

Randall Chapman - International Paper


This was the best class I have ever taken -

Todd Maldonado - Becton Dickinson


The best! one-day hands-on training (bar none), I've ever been to. You get to the meat...No B.S. -  

David Johnson - Glaxo SmithKline


I learned more in eight hours in this class than I did while attending a class at the community college!

Kenneth King - Parker Hannifin


About the Class


The mission of this class is to provide enough information in one day to enable even those with no previous background in this subject to gain a firm understanding of control circuits and how to troubleshoot them using the electrical drawings as a roadmap.  Students will spend more than 60% of their time performing "Hands-On" labs.  Participants will take home our "Hands-On" text and lab manual that can be immediately used on the plant floor.  A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of the class.

Course Objectives

Persons successfully completing this course will be able to:

►Troubleshoot electrical control circuits using a methodical logical approach

►Perform live voltage tests of electrical control circuits using a digital voltmeter

►Utilize electrical drawings as a road map to quickly find problems

►Recognize and explain the operation of the fundamental

control circuits used in industry


►Trace through control circuit drawings to aid



►Identify and explain the operation of common electrical

components widely used in control circuits

You will be able to immediately apply what you have learned on the plant floor.




Who Should Attend

This is a basic class designed for maintenance and engineering personnel, operators, supervisors and managers. Think you are getting in over your head. Relax. All we assume is that your are breathing and willing to learn. We will simplify this topic for you till you wondered why you ever made it a big deal. You will wire and troubleshoot, real, live circuits with a voltmeter and learn to use the electrical drawings as your roadmap.


What You Will Take With You


Impact Training Services course manual - containing all the material covered in the class with troubleshooting references.


Personalized Certificate of Completion


A logical, methodical troubleshooting method.


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About this Course

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